Nothing to fear, Inflatable Factory is here.

Yes, we do have rules.


No tackling or pushing.

Not cool. You will be asked to leave if you are seen tackling, pushing or hurting anyone else.

Always listen to staff.

They are there to help, and for your safety. Listening to what they are saying is always a good idea.

No alcohol on the premises.

It's a terrible idea. Please.. Just don’t do it. Bring water, juice or coffee instead.

Wear the right clothing.

Style isn't always the answer. When you are bouncing and running around, we suggest loose, soft clothing.

No shoes.

No footwear, jewellery, spectacles etc to be worn on the castle.

Empty your pockets.

The last thing you want is a broken phone, missing coins or a sharp item poking you in the leg constantly and ruining the fun.

No misbehaving.

No smoking, drinking, eating, sand, face paint, party poppers on or around the castle.

Always enjoy yourself.

Life was meant to be enjoyed. Otherwise, whats the point? Make sure that above all else you be respectful and have fun!

Don't overdo it.

Please be aware that bouncing in hot weather over a period of time may cause heat exhaustion so it is recommended that fluids are available at all times and that children take breaks to avoid dehydration..

Check your surroundings.

Ensure there are no sharp objects on the ground or adjacent to the area of use.

Safety First.

Check regularly the security of the anchoring pins.

No stupidity.

Do not allow climbing on the walls or any boisterous behaviour.


Parents – you must stay with your children at all times, ensure you keep a close eye on them!

Know your limits.

The Inflatable Factory is not recommended if you are unwell, pregnant, have a bad back, or are injured.

The inflatables.

Leave the fan running all the time whilst the castle is in use!